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SH2-261: Lower's NebulaNGC1499: The California NebulaIC2177: Seagull nebulaNGC 2264: the Cone Nebula and the Christmas Tree Star ClusterM45: The PleiadesSH2-273: Fox Fur NebulaFlaming Star Nebula (IC 405)M42: the Orion NebulaIC 434 -- the Horsehead Nebula -- and NGC 2024 -- the Flame NebulaM45: The PleiadesThe Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49)M33: Triangulum GalaxyM77 & NGC1055M81 & M82NGC 772NGC 891: Silver Silver GalaxySH2-190M31: The Andromeda GalaxyIC1318 (The Sadr Region or the Gamma Cygni Nebula)IC1805: The Heart Nebula