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Wide Field (150mm) of IC405, the Flaming Star NebulaSH2-190, the heart of the Heart NebulaNGC 7000 | North America NebulaHeart Nebula (IC 1805) & open star clusters, NGC 884 and NGC 869M45 | the PleiadesM31 | Andromeda GalaxyOrion Molecular Cloud Complex -- the Flame Nebula, the Horsehead Nebula, the Running Man Nebula and the Orion NebulaMilky Way Over Table MountainGarnet Star & IC1396NGC7380 | Wizard NebulaWide-field (135mm) capture of the centre of CassiopeiaWide-field (135mm) capture of M45, the Pleiades open star clusterWide Field (85mm) capture of the Milky Way including numerous globular and open star clusters in the constellations Scutum and AquilaWide Field capture (85mm) of NGC 7000, IC 5070 & part of Gamma Cygni NebulaNGC 7380 | The Wizard Nebula7/9's of M45, the PleiadesNGC 7331M31 | Andromeda GalaxyNGC 7000 | North America NebulaIC63 & IC59 | Ghost of Cassiopeia