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Isolated sandstone butte comprised of Mancos formation shale and surrounded by Blue Gate shale which is particularly resistant to plant life taking root. Near Cainsville, Utah, both the North and South Cainesville Buttes are geologically similar to Factory Butte. A great place to explore on foot or by 4WD roads, it is also an area highly susceptible to abuse by reckless ORVs.
A Morning at the Factory, IIIWorking at the Factory IIWorking at the Factory IWorking at the Factory IA Morning at the Factory, IWorking at the Factory IDry Valley BenchesSouth to the Henry MountainsFactory Butte Pano IFactory Butte Pano IIFactory Butte Pano IIIFactory Butte Pano IVFactory Butte Pano VFactory Butte from the WestFactory Butte (Color View III)Factory Butte (Color View II)Alien FormationsFactory Butte (Color View I)Factory Butte (Infrared View IV)Factory Butte (Infrared View III)