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Photographs of the mountains and valleys of Utah's West Desert.
Burnt MordorThe burnt gravel sands of MordorOn the road to nowhereBadlandsTrestle bridgeSecond trestle bridge between Watercress and Terrace, Newfoundland Mountains in background.Old Terrace Cemetery: They were dying to get outWatercress...definitely more a site than anything else.Small bridge at Watercress and continuing on westward is the railroad bed. Pilot Peak and the Pilot Range are in the background.Old corral at Watercress. Newfoundland Mountains in background.Terrace Cemetery: Here lies unknownTerrace Cemetery: The only tombstone still extantTerrace, likely the brick remnants of the 16 stall roundhoseTrestle bridge between Watercress and TerraceThe Great Salt Lake DesertThe Devil's BonsaiMonolithSpector RockAlienscapeHollows and Fissures