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Mountain Hut Along Hwy 61 - The DjúpivegurWitchery Skies in the WestfjordsView Across the  Ísafjarðardjúp Along Hwy 61 - The DjúpivegurRuins of and View from Fishing Village of ÖgurnesRuins of and View from Fishing Village of ÖgurnesLitlibærLitlibærLitlibærLitlibærLitlibærLitlibærBasking SealVigur IslandRjúkandiRjúkandiEyrarkirkjaSeyðisfjörður - Infrared ViewÁlftafjörðurAlong the Closed Section of DjúpvegurAlong the Closed Section of Djúpvegur